What Food To Eat At These Famous Restaurants?

A most common dilemma, this one, is it? When we go to a restaurant, we often find ourselves in a position where we could not make one order that we would like ourselves to eat. 

There would probably be many favorites, and hence we find it hard to choose only one!

All the more worse is, when we go to a restaurant for the first time and we do not know what their menu means? If we are going to try out a totally different cuisine, this problem often gives us a challenge.

So, we have tried to give the most commonly favored food items at some fast food restaurants, including those alternative cuisines.

Kneaders Menu — Thai Chicken Salad

Thai Chicken Salad

Kneaders is famous for its sandwiches and Salads and also their Soups. When it comes to the breakfast menu, Kneaders are right at it, with Omelets and Pancakes. But if you ever had a chance to try their Salads, try this Thai Chicken Salad which is healthy and delicious too.

Click here for more on the Kneaders menu. 

Potbelly — Wreck Sandwich

Wreck Sandwich

Potbelly is a Submarine sandwich restaurant and this is not too different from other known brands like Subway. But, this Wreck Sandwich is. The combination of Salami, Beef, Turkey and Ham alone is enough to make you want more.

Smokey Bones — Brisket Grilled Cheese

Brisket Grilled Cheese

Smokey Bones is one of the very good Grilled food restaurants and their BBQ platters are always good. Even their Seafood and steaks are worth trying. But have you tried their sandwiches? If not, try Brisket Grilled Cheese and you will not regret later.

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Panda Express — Orange Chicken

Orange Chicken

If you want to try Orange chicken, do it at Panda. They are the pioneer in Asian style cuisine in the country when it comes to Fast food. And orange chicken is just brilliant and you will come back for more.

P.F. Chang’s — Mongolian Style Beef

Mongolian Beef

Beef is a very common food item in the country, but a Mongolian style Beef dish is what you want right now. To try this, head out to the nearest P.F. Chang’s restaurant and you will never regret the decision.

Carrabba’s — Chicken Bryan

Chicken Bryan

If Mongolian style teases you, Italian style cuisine will captivate you. You may have tried all those pastas and alfredos, but try this Chicken Bryan at Carrabba’s and you will know what you have missed in your life!

Red Lobster — Ultimate Feast

Ultimate Feast

Let us sign off this article with a Seafood dish. Red Lobster is one of those chains that specializes in seafood and their Ultimate Feast will be your Ultimate seafood platter ever. It has everything for you – Lobster tail, Snow Crab legs, Shrimps and more.